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I am an independent business owner, a Certified Executive Coach, a Registered Clinical Social Worker (psychotherapist) and a Board Certified Critical Incident Responder. I have worked in senior leadership positions in all sectors including non-profit and corporate settings. I have maintained an independent private practice since 1985. Currently, I am co-founder of a new and innovative online platform, Counsellor Exchange, I began my trauma work as a clinician working with individuals and families impacted by the devastation of intra-familial child sexual abuse. My work in sexual abuse treatment led to a profound understanding of the impact of untreated traumatic incidents which led to my extensive knowledge in the area of PTSD, post trauma reactions and Dissociative Identity Responses. As a Certified Critical Incident Responder, the majority of the trauma work that I do is in workplace settings. As National Manager of Trauma Response for a large multi-national employee assistance program I have been responsible for providing intervention strategies for such events as 9/11,SARS, and the Tsunami. Currently, as a certified executive coach, my role is to support forward movement and help individuals or teams to overcome obstacles that are preventing success. I remain in on call rotation for a larger public transportation company and have been called to intervene in some high profile incidents. Otherwise, I still respond to workplace accidents and deaths, restructure and workplace violence events and work closely with key leaders to support staff and managers through difficult times. As a clinician, trauma responder and coach I bring over 25 years of experience to the table. I use all of this experience to support those who have been impacted by unexpected and life changing events. I understand, too well, that life can change in a heartbeat and the correct intervention and support can make the difference between surviving and thriving or giving up and giving in. It is a fine balance.

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