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I am a retired high school educator/counsellor after 38 years. I pastored a church for 10 years. Much of my work involved counselling and especially marriage counselling. After retiring I obtained a M.A. in Professional Counselling. I also obtained advanced training in couples counselling through the Gottman Institute. I have worked 6 years for an organization that does group emotional healing and now conduct group therapy in emotional healing. Most of my counselling deals with trauma and abusive childhood experiences. Beside marriage counselling, I have specialized in depression and anxiety. On a personal level, I am a father of 6 and grandfather of 6. I have been married 3 times. My first 2 wives passed away because of illness. I now have 2 step children in my third marriage. One has special needs. I have lived in a third world country for more that 2 years and visited several other countries doing humanitarian work. These kinds of life experiences have taught me much more than I could have learned in a university.

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