Counsellor Exchange provides a secure on line counselling that includes TLS end to end high grade encryption for all connections to the site.


All Servers are located in Canada and are compliant with the Health Information Protection Act regarding security and privacy. Video chat sessions between users are encrypted, direct person to person communications, with all audio and video being directly sent from one user's computer to another.


No video or audio is sent through our own servers or any 3rd party servers. We are different from most other online platforms.  No information, messages, or other materials are shared with any 3rd parties at any point as the platform does not rely on any other platforms or services to operate.


Access to any portion of the site requires secure authentication and malicious attempts are automatically monitored. If you want more detailed information let us know and we will provide it.




Conversation is Sacred

Conversation leads to real breakthrough. This is true  in business or in real life.


Real conversation can only exist with true privacy. All parties must feel secure in order to speak freely and from the heart.


At Counsellor Exchange we value privacy. And that is why we have created a secure platform to allow conversations to grow.